AC Modules RMA Procedure
A Quick Guide

The United States, United States Territories and Canada

Enphase Energy is committed to delivering products of the highest quality to customers. For AC Modules, Enphase offers support for replacement of both the PV module and Microinverter. The RMA process detailed below has been set up to replace all Enphase Energized AC modules. There are multiple options to initiate the RMA for AC Modules.

Enphase handles a claim if module, microinverter or Q-DCC connector is at fault. In-case of module fault, the module manufacturer receives claim information and replacement solar module is sent to the customer by our module partners.

Solar Installers can choose from the below options for submitting warranty claims:

1. Service-on-the-Go (SOTG)

Installers can sign in the below link with Enlighten credentials and submit for RMA request -      

2. Enlighten Manager and Installer Tool Kit (ITK)

For submitting RMA through ITK, installers can use this link -

For submitting RMA through Enlighten Manager, installers can use the below link and login with Enlighten credentials and click on self-service warranty claim for RMA request -

3. Contact Enphase Customer Support  at (+1) 877-797- 4743

An installer can contact the above contact no. and the support agent can assist for RMA. Also, installers can choose to fill out the support form -

Upon issuance of the RMA, Enphase Energy will ship the replacement unit to the address where the Enphase equipment is installed.

When the replacement unit arrives, the installer or a representative must place the defective device into the same shipping box, apply a shipping tag, and either call the shipping vendor or drop off the box at the nearest shipping location. All defective products authorized for return must be returned in the original packaging or another packaging that is equally protective of the product. Visit to generate a return shipping label.