100% Activation = Simpler Smarter Solar

Enphase systems with 100% system activation are easier to monitor and maintain AND can be used as a customer testimonial

Did you know...?

Your Enphase installations could be working but not properly reporting to Enlighten.

A microinverter that isn't connected to Enlighten isn't as smart as it could be, lacking online troubleshooting, homeowner visibility and presence on your Enlighten Manager installation map. All of these prevent both you and the homeowner from getting the full benefit out of Enphase's powerful software-defined systems.

Through a quick and easy activation process using the Enphase Installer Toolkit, you can rectify this issue and get access to a range of benefits for you and your customers, including those highlighted below. 


You can proactively monitor your fleet of installations

You can monitor your fleet of installations and proactively troubleshoot any problems. Doing this will show your customer that customer service is important to your business, and save you time and money responding to issues when the homeowner calls you.

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Homeowners can monitor system performance in MyEnlighten

A happy customer is your best salesperson. Setting up the monitoring correctly means homeowners can show off to their peers. It's easy to show how well their solar installation is performing and how the MyEnlighten monitoring is allowing them to take control of their energy use.

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The system install will show up on the Enlighten Public systems page

The global view of all completed installations in the world is available on the Enphase website. This website is a great resource for people researching solar as it allows them to see working systems in their area and review their performance. Activations that you complete to 100% will show up here, along with your logo, which links through to your website. Your own installation map on Enlighten Manager is an excellent marketing tool to show off your experience in installing Enphase to future customers as well.

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Get a detailed walk-through of all your activations

Visit our support page to get a detailed walk-through of each stage of Enphase system activation and ensure you and your customers make full use of the Enphase system's intelligent features.