Introducing “Always Connected”

Enphase strives to provide best in class service. One of the ways that we do this is by updating homeowner systems with the latest technology to deliver this value. We are introducing a new set of customer experience enhancements which will enable the systems to be permanently connected to Enphase Enlighten™.

Installers can include an IoT-grade cellular communications device with every Enphase system they install or use the included Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity options built into the Enphase Envoy or Combiner. Enphase’s software-defined microinverters with connection to the data network can be updated remotely, making compliance with ever-evolving utility and regulatory requirements simple by reducing truck rolls for solar installers.

Installers can precisely know how much energy a system is producing and alert the system owners when something is amiss. This understanding will help solar installers to offer their customers a better service and allow our maintenance and support organization to detect issues and quickly answer customer questions over the phone.

System data connection is essential for Enphase to be able to fully support product warranty and services support offerings.

Why is Enphase doing this?

  • Regulatory Requirements: Changes in compliance requirements (like IEEE 2030.5 etc.) needs systems to be field upgradeable and given the ever-changing landscape around the world, the best way to stay ahead of the game is with a system that is always connected.
  • Grid Profiles & System Upgrades: Staying always connected allows you to use fewer Micro SKUs and upload grid profiles through ITK, upgrading firmware to improve system reliability.
  • Service Improvements: User experience, O&M and customer service can be significantly improved with a connected system. Installer initiatives like “Service-on-the-go” simplify RMA which saves time and money.
  • Reduce Truck-rolls: Installers can debug issues remotely, which reduces the need for installers to visit the site, saving everyone time and money.
  • Future Upgrades: Connected systems help our installers provide Enphase product and service upgrades, enhancements and provide grid services in the future for our mutual customers.