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On-demand training for homeowners

Introduction to Your Enphase solar system

Discover how easy it is to get the most from your Enphase system for maximum return on investment. We'll cover what makes your Enphase system different from older solar technology, how the components in your system work together to power your home, and a guided tour of the Enlighten app to make tracking your energy production, usage and savings a breeze.

How to navigate Enlighten monitoring 

Learn about how Enphase monitoring works, so you can get even more value from your solar investment.

Deciphering your power bill

Learn about the typical charges, hard-to-understand terms, and easy-to-miss details hidden in plain sight on your net-metered electric bill.

Why solar is an investment you can count on

This recorded webinar is for anyone interested in investing in the benefits of a solar power system for their home or extending their current solar system.