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Enphase technical training ANZ

We’re expanding our training program to make it easier for you and your team to cover your CPD requirements and learn how to sell, design, and install Enphase solutions.

Learn how to make the most of Enphase products and build your solar business.
Choose from a range of live and on-demand training:

Meet Enphase University (ENPHU) - earn 30 CPD points

The system for awarding CPDs has recently changed, and the timing coincides perfectly with the expansion of our training options, including the launch of Enphase University — our new, online certification portal.

ENPHU includes a seven course PV installation certification that will earn you 30 CPD points upon completion. That's a large portion of your annual CPD requirements under the new Clean Energy Council training framework.

This is an excellent, detailed refresher for current Enphase installers, and a great way for new installers to get up and running. Each course focuses on a specific learning topic, and are completed in sequence. Upon passing, you'll be awarded an Enphase Solar PV installer certification.

Plus, you can earn an additional 10 CPDs with our elective course Enphase system design and installation best practises. We'll be adding more elective courses in the coming weeks. Check back again soon for more information.

How to get started

  1. Go to today.
  2. View the course details or login with your Enlighten account.
  3. If your login email is associated with an active Enlighten account, you’ll be automatically approved for access to the PV installation certification course. 
  4. If your Enlighten account is new, request access to the course after you login. Keep in mind that your individual certification records will be associated with an account that is uniquely yours. Please request access using your own (not a shared) email address.
  5. Approval will arrive by email within one hour.
  6. To watch an elective course click the 'Watch now' links below and register for the session.


On-demand CPD training electives - earn up to 10 CPD points

Enphase system design and installation best practises

Gain technical insights into how to simplify your design and installation using Enphase IQ System components.



Please note that the technical, sales, product, and regulations training modules below do not count for CPD points at this time. However, they are still very informative and we encourage you to watch them.



On-demand technical training

Enphase interactive system installation commissioning

Get a micro and an Envoy out and join Enphase for a practical session to understand all the steps required to confirm the Enphase installation has been successfully commissioned.

Enphase Enlighten monitoring

Find out how Enlighten can add value to your business offering.

Enphase microinverter systems and technologies

Learn the ins and outs of Enphase products, develop your technical knowledge.

Module pairing and system design for Enphase IQ microinverters

The Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile app increases your installation efficiency and accelerates Envoy commissioning.

Enphase commercial systems design

Find out how Enphase enables the fastest way to deploy a commercial system – simple design, fewer regulatory hurdles, and ease of approval.

New installer toolkit 3.0

ITK 3.0 includes a simple workflow design for faster and easier commissioning, plus a host of other new features and speed enhancements. Watch now to learn all about the new features and how to leverage ITK 3.0 to streamline your system installations.





On-demand sales, marketing, and regulations sessions

Become an Enphase expert, learn how to sell more and install more, and keep up with the latest regulations by watching these sessions. 

Getting started with Enphase - an introduction for new installers

Have you recently completed an Enphase installation, or perhaps you are planning on using Enphase in your next project? We've gathered all the information you need to design, install, and commission Enphase systems.

Enphase compliance: New technical standards changes in SA

The South Australian government has proposed rule changes that come into effect from the 28th of September 2020. These new technical standards will impact Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and their approval for connection to the grid.

Are you ready? This webinar covers how the Enphase microinverter system enables you to meet all of the new regulatory requirements for SA.

Solar sales training: Win the job with Enphase

Do you have the right sales tools for the job? Learn how to leverage the unique capabilities of Enphase microinverters, and where the technology has the strongest value proposition to unlock more market share, increase close rates, and make more money.