Improving Installer Experience

The Enphase service team continuously strives to improve customer service. From reducing wait times to increasing self-service, we at Enphase always keep the customer experience in mind. In this newsletter, we talk about a few key improvements to our Apps and Services that will help our installer partners. 

Enphase homeowner transfer

Administrative tasks are not yours to deal with! Leave them to us. We have introduced a seamless process for your customers to effortlessly transfer ownership of their Enphase systems along with all the warranties within minutes. Just lead your customers to our homeowner transfer page and we will do the rest.


Enhanced auto-approval of RMAs

Service-on-the-go is ever-improving and always adapting to your needs. A few months back we had added a feature to enable RMA replacements to be auto-approved, speeding up your replacement process significantly. We have tweaked the auto-approval algorithm to allow for a lot more of your RMA requests to get auto-approved.

If you are wondering if you are leveraging the auto-approval feature for RMA claims, chances are you would have already used it. The auto-approvals are integrated right into your typical replacement process. There is nothing you have to do differently to get your RMA requests auto-approved.


Faster responses to your calls

When in need, nothing is more effective than a good old phone call! We understand this and have hired a few more bright agents to help you with your queries when contacting us via our contact support phone number. Now on an average, it takes less than 2 minutes to get connected to an agent. We're still not satisfied and will continue to drive that number down. We want to ensure nothing comes in your way when contacting our customer support.


Know your warranty and labor reimbursement policy

Transparency has always been at the core of our business and is one of the key reasons for our exponential growth. We have recently updated our global websites for across geographies with our Labor Reimbursement Policy for Warranty Replacements. As part of this program, you can claim a reimbursement for an eligible Enphase warranty replacement you have performed for your customers.