Consumption Monitoring:Why it is important and how to sell it ?

In this day and age, to differentiate your business and provide the best customer experience, it is no longer enough to simply install a traditional solar system. Homeowners are clamoring for smart energy solutions where they can gain more visibility into their PV production and energy usage.



Helping homeowners see the light

If a system is installed and configured with the Envoy IQ or the Envoy S Metered with consumption CTs installed, a homeowner is able to monitor his/her energy consumption along with the energy production from the PV system. With MyEnlighten, homeowners have at-a-glance information on energy production, energy consumption and net energy from their system.

More Homeowners are showing interest in Consumption Monitoring

According to a customer survey we conducted with over 2,000 homeowners, 57% have shown interest in learning more about consumption monitoring while only 28% have consumption monitoring activated. During our webinars we have also heard homeowners ask questions such as why they were not offered consumption monitoring by the installer or how they can get access to consumption monitoring along with their system.

Better insights to customers = more referrals + add-on sales

Homeowners with consumption monitoring are usually more satisfied with their systems and engaged with Enlighten. New customer acquisition can be difficult and expensive – referrals from your existing customers will allow you to reach out to more homeowners. Having consumption monitoring also helps you to gain insights into your customers energy needs, such as whether they need additional solar in to meet their energy demands, or whether they could benefit from energy storage.


Give yourself a competitive advantage

Our competitors’ consumption solutions are complex and expensive. Installers tell us that the consumption CTs offered by Enphase are straight forward and inexpensive. We suggest that you demo consumption monitoring with homeowners. Once they understand it they will see the value in it and will be willing to pay extra for it. You can include consumption monitoring in your installation price or charge extra for it, if the site installation is complex – it’s up to you! The average add-on sale for including consumption monitoring is between $300 and $450.

Need help? We got you covered!

Join an upcoming webinar about how to install Consumption CTs and why Consumption Monitoring is good for your business. We have a tool, in the Installer Toolkit, called Meter Wizard to walk you through the Consumption CT configuration process to ensure successful installation every time. You can see videos, FAQs, and more about Consumption Monitoring in the support center.