Contingency Plans for COVID-19

Clearly, the worldwide COVID-19 situation is affecting every aspect of our professional and personal lives. At some point in time, life will go back to normal. Enphase is making every effort to minimize disruptions and ensure our installers are able to rapidly get back to installing our Ensemble technology products when they are released. 

Currently, we have three different Ensemble technology webinars: Introduction to Ensemble, Sizing your system, and Selling Ensemble. We have had over 480 attendees and during this time of "work from home," we highly encourage taking these as they become scheduled. 

Our current training consists of face-to-face classroom training and hands-on experiential training. While there is no substitute for this methodology, we must all try and adapt to make the most of the next month+ of conditions. 

We have previously discussed our plans to build twelve additional training centers which is now a challenge and may take longer than expected. In addition, we had always planned to move the classroom training online at the start of June. We are attempting to accelerate this due to travel and working restrictions. You can expect updates if we are able to pull that date in.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, we will now be videotaping our hands-on portion of the training as well and creating 15-minute videotaped modules. Although not a substitute for experiential training, we expect that ultimately it will supplement hands-on training. For now, we will all work towards making this training as effective as possible. We are tentatively planning to release this mid-April and will update you soon regarding the training, testing, and skill verification that we put in place.

Finally, by the end of March, we will be publishing videotaped lectures on the Ensemble technology from our training staff. This will not replace certification but will provide even more content to help you learn about this game-changing technology.

Until then, register for our upcoming trainings so you can make maximum use of this situation while staying at home.