Our 200A split-core consumption CT (CT-200-SPLIT) is now service entrance rated at 250V

Consumption CTs previously rated at 600V are now 250V with service entrance rating. The SKU remains the same, i.e. CT-200-SPLIT. 

New CTs shipping from the factory will now include updated front and top labels, and a new side label that indicates compliance for service entrance installation.











RMA for any existing constumption CTs used on 120V/240V split phase, 120V/208V single phase or 120V/208V 3-phase systems can use these new CTs.

Will my install fail inspection if CTs used do not have the new label?
Older CTs without service entrance labels can only be used on the load side of the service equipment overcurrent device. The new CTs with service entrance labels are also usable between the service point and the line side of the service equipment. Ensure you follow all NEC and local electrical codes and standards.