How to retire, remove, and unretire microinverters using Enlighten Manager?

Now you can retire, remove and unretire microinverters by yourself using Enlighten Manager. This feature is especially useful when microinverters are assigned to the wrong site due to cross-talk between Envoys or just due to human error. Now you have full control over the management of microinverters in your inventory.

But first let us understand what Retire, Remove and Unretire mean:

Retire: When you 'retire' a microinverter, the device will be removed from the current set of active microinverters and be moved to a 'retired' state. When you 'retire' a microinverter, the microinverter's historical production data will remain associated with the site. Please note that a microinverter won't be logging its production data when in a 'retired' state.

Remove: 'Remove' a microinverter only when it has been wrongly associated with a site due to Envoy cross-talks or human error. Once a microinverter is removed from a site, all the data related to it is permanently deleted. Use this option only if the microinverter(s) should have never reported to the site it was removed from. 

Unretire: When you unretire a microinverter from a site, the device will be moved back to an 'active' state from its 'retired' state. A microinverter will start logging and accounting its production against daily production data once it has been unretired. It is best used when you accidentally retired a microinverter.

Follow the below steps to manage the microinverters at a site:

1.First, log in to Enlighten Manager from your laptop or desktop computer.

2.Navigate to the site where you want to manage the microinverters, either via the ‘Systems’ tab or using the ‘system finder’ widget.
3.Once on the systems page, click on the ‘Devices’ tab.
4.Once on the ‘Devices’ page, scroll down to the microinverter section. Look for the buttons Retire, Remove and Unretire
5.The steps followed to perform each of these actions are very similar. First, select the microinverter(s) you want to retire, remove or unretire.
6.Click on the button for the action you want to perform.
7.Once the action is complete, you will receive a confirmation notification at the top of the page, just like the one below.