Latest Enphase update makes installs faster and easier

In some instances, the time to install and commission Enphase Storage systems has been greater than expected due to extensive, required software updates for the Encharge storage units.

To address this, the software update for Encharge storage units is no longer required to commission the system. The software for the Enpower and Envoy are still required to be updated on-site, but the Encharge software update will be scheduled for a later time. With this modification, upgrading the required components should only take about two hours.

These changes are scheduled for release on Thursday, December 17.

Click here to download a preview of the updated commissioning guide.

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Workflow changes

To take advantage of the updates, you’ll need to be running Installer Toolkit version 3.0.6 or later and you will need to download Envoy software version 6.0.96 or later. This Envoy software package will be available for your Installer Toolkit on December 17, 2020.

When you’re on the job site, between Installer Toolkit steps 5 and 6, Enpower firmware will update automatically to version 20.34 or greater. If your Enpower is running 20.34 or later, no update will be triggered. The Envoy will also configure the Encharge units for functional testing without requiring a full firmware upgrade. These preliminary updates will complete in about 25 minutes.

Follow the onscreen prompts to delay updates. The complete Encharge firmware update will be triggered after the system has been commissioned, functional testing is complete, and after you’ve left the job site.





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