Improved apps and services for you and your customers


Service manager updates

You spoke, and we listened! We have made some enhancements to the Service Manager tool. An improved dashboard that gives you a quick glimpse at all the cases you have with Enphase. We have also added a reports page to provide you with an overview of all the RMA requests you have with us. You can access both the Dashboard and the Reports from the Service Manager sidebar. Our focus is to put all the right tools at your fingertips to empower you to provide your customers with a delightful experience.


CT installation wizard in ITK 3.0

Setting up a production or consumption Current Transformer (CT) right is easier said than done. There are multiple parameters for you to get right before you can call it a perfect set-up. ITK 3.0 now comes with an easy to follow set-up wizard to ensure you get your CTs set-up right every time. No more follow up calls from customers over an improper CT set-up requiring you to do a truck roll. Watch this video to learn all about how to set-up a CT in ITK 3.0. If you haven’t done so already, we strongly recommend you migrate to the new and enhanced ITK 3.0.


Take control of your microinverter inventory!

Now you can retire, remove and unretire microinverters by yourself without ever having to raise an RMA. This feature is especially useful when microinverters are assigned to the wrong site due to cross-talk between Envoys or just due to a human error. Now you have full control over the management of microinverters in your inventory. Retire, remove, unretire, and reassign in an instant. Learn more


Measure your Energy Independence

With growing awareness of the impact of one's energy consumption on the planet, more and more customers are now asking for a definitive measure to understand its effects. The energy independence score does precisely this. It provides your customers with a quantifiable measure of the reduction in the carbon footprint they leave behind. We believe adding a layer of environmental awareness backed by quantifiable matrics can help educate your customers on the importance of going solar and potentially even help you make a few sales.