Improving self-service for your customers


Improved Support section in My Enlighten App

We have upgraded the support section of the new My Enlighten App. Homeowners are now able to access online content through built-in FAQs as well as a search bar. This will help homeowners make full use of all self-service features available before calling you. This feature is available in the new version. Therefore, your homeowners are encouraged to migrate to it.





An improved Envoy Connectivity Self-help

Many of you reported on how you keep receiving multiple queries from your customers about getting their Envoys back online. We reviewed all queries and ensured the content was modified to make it as relatable and useful for a homeowner. We focused on how well we could handhold the customers until their envoys were back online. This will make your homeowners get their envoys back online on their own without having to reach out to you.

Don’t Forget to Bookmark Installer Shortcuts

We have also made an aggregated page for you to find all the knowledge content you would need the most. Service shortcuts for installers page is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all the actions that you would need to perform, be at a site administrator or when on site.

You can also bookmark our Service Shortcuts for Installers page for your quick reference. It will be especially useful in the field while servicing your customers.

Fixed RMA Emails going to Homeowners

Many installers reported that homeowners received emails when they submitted an RMA using service-on-the-go. A bug in our email notification system was identified to be the root cause of the problem. Our development team took this task up with the highest priority and fixed it. The quick analysis and identification of the issue combined with the effectiveness of our development team was a reminder of the customer-centric culture which is ingrained into every employee at Enphase.