Enhancing the installer experience!

Generating an Envoy summary report

We received feedback from our customers that they would like to run a diagnostic report once work is completed at a site. We are pleased to inform you that the ITK app has this feature inbuilt which allows a user to generate a summary report and also email it out. Click here to learn more about this feature.

One-stop-shop for all your servicing needs

We keep all our tools and equipment handy and organized to find what we need quickly. Why not do the same for our knowledge sources? With our constant effort to help our customers, we have analysed and consolidated the most used knowledge articles in one place for your quick reference. We hope you find this link useful.

You can also bookmark our Service Shortcuts for Installers page for your quick reference. It will be especially useful when on the field, servicing your customers.


Service-on-the-go winner!

Last month we had announced a contest, where you stood a chance to win an Amazon Gift voucher worth $500 if you used the Service-on-the-go feature to request an RMA. The time has come to announce the winner.

We are happy to announce Jonathan Teran as the winner of our Service-on-the-go contest. Congratulations Jonathan!

Service on the go is the easiest way to retire and replace inverters and AC batteries from a site. Service-on-the-go is designed specifically to reduce the downtime spent in replacing devices in a system. This is particularly useful when decommissioning entire systems or when there are major repairs to multiple components in a system. Click here to learn all about how to request for an RMA using Service-on-the-Go and retiring & replace the Micro.