New features on Enlighten mobile app for our system owners


We got in touch with 5000 homeowners for their feedback on the upcoming new features. The homeowners got the beta version and could experience the new app on their smartphone. The feedback we received was very positive. We’ll be going live with these changes by December, 2019.  

Here’s a brief summary of what’s coming:

  • New user interface under the Status, Energy and Menu screen tabs
  • New App Bar with Enphase logo and quick link for Support
  • Improved Support page to get the call & email support from within the App
  • Improved Energy graph with enhanced visuals and toggle controls
  • Landscape mode and addition of x-axis and y-axis on the Energy graph
  • Devices section under the Menu tab with SKU, SN and other details
  • AP Mode for connecting envoy to the Wi-Fi network
  • One-click warranty for microinverter replacement
  • Widget displaying currency equivalent of energy values
  • View password option on the Login page
  • Latest Power and Peak Power details on the Status page
  • State of charge for Enphase battery on the Status screen
  • Addition of environmental impact widget on energy screen
  • Minor Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Please click here to learn more details about the upcoming new features.