Enlighten Update: Our Mobile App Now Comes with Module-Level Monitoring

At Enphase, we strive to provide our customers with the best solar experience to maximize the performance of their system. With that in mind, we are releasing an update to the Enlighten Mobile App to make it easier for our customers to monitor how their system is performing down to the module level.


At the end of April 2019, Enlighten Mobile App will be updated to provide system owners or hosts, who have MyEnlighten access, with an updated array view that includes per-module data. Homeowners will be able to see the amount of energy produced by each module in their system over a day, month, year or the entire lifetime of the system.

Enlighten-Mobile-Interactive-v2-1400x600-11. What is changing? 

We are adding per-module energy production data to Enlighten Mobile App.

2. When does this feature go live?

We are targetting to release this feature by the end of April 2019.

3. Who will get access to the per-module energy production data in Enlighten Mobile?

All existing and all new Enphase customers with MyEnlighten access will receive per-module energy production data in Enlighten Mobile.

4. How is the Enlighten Mobile App now different from Enlighten Manager?

Enlighten Manager continues to provide a host of premium features such device-level health details and advanced notifications. The below graphic captures the major differences between Enlighten Manager and the Enlighten Mobile App.



5. What about MyEnlighten? Will per-module energy data be available via the browser?

MyEnlighten will be updated in late May to include per-module energy data, to match what is presented in Enlighten Mobile App.