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Newsletter | August 2020

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Off-grid solar and storage just got easier with Enphase Power Start technology!

The inability to handle power-hungry appliances has been a challenge for battery storage systems for years… until now. Introducing Power Start™, a breakthrough technology that instantly detects when a power-hungry appliance is trying to start and automatically throttles the power consumed by the appliance. With Enphase all-in-one storage systems, appliances can start safely and reliably, every time. Learn more about Power Start™ here.

Product Update

Ensuring robust internet connectivity for Ensemble

Service Update

Give more power to your customers with Community

AC Module Update

Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G6+ Available Now



Enphase powers commercial business for REAL Solar

REAL Solar is expanding its portfolio of commercial solar by leveraging Enphase three-phase Network Protection Relay in commercial solar installations. They have installed more than 70kWDC across two locations using Enphase NPR device"Enphase microinverters allow us to be confident in installing solar for commercial customers in remote locations across the Midwest because of their reliability and our ability to monitor customer systems remotely at the module level," says Ben Butcher, co-director and construction manager at REAL Solar, SBC.


Learn more about EnchargeTM in a Q&A with Energysage!

Energysage, one of the leading market-places for Solar, interviewed Enphase to learn about our brand new offering EnchargeTM in the residential energy storage market. In this informative Q&A session, they go from Enphase's history and growth of storage business to consumer interest in the battery. They also talk about the future of energy storage and how EnchargeTM fits perfectly with the homeowner's existing solar systems. Check out this article to learn more about EnchargeTM and the future of residential storage and the industry. 

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