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Newsletter | September 2020

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Brace yourself for the Storm with our Storm GuardTM technology

Enphase Storm GuardTM feature puts your all-in-one solar plus storage system on autopilot, preparing itself for a possible outage. Every Enphase all-in-one Ensemble system is protected by Storm Guard that prepares your home for a potential grid outage. When the Storm Guard feature is enabled in your Enlighten mobile app, your system will automatically prioritize the storage of energy when a severe storm is detected that has the potential to leave you without power. Read more about the technology below. 

Product Update

Energy Storage versus a Generator. What is the best option?

Service Update

Take control of your microinverter inventory!

AC Modules

Simple, Safe and Superior Enphase Energized® AC Modules



Enphase microinverters powers innovative Minneapolis commercial solar project 

Enphase joined hands with All Energy Solar to deploy Enphase IQ 7+™ microinverters in a unique, building-face-mounted solar array in Minneapolis. The highlight of this commercial installation is 112 solar modules installed at varying angles to add a distinctive wave pattern to the structure, with aesthetic enhancements of SolarSkin module overlaying from Sistine Solar to add color and depth to the installation. Enphase microinverters helped deliver the highest possible energy production given the array’s one-of-a-kind citing. Click to know more.


Need last-minute accessories for installation? Check out our online store!

Along with microinverters, communication devices, and cables, now you can purchase all your installation essential accessories including battery installation accessories - Enpower main circuit breaker with multiple ratings and solar shields. Very soon we are adding soft starters that instantly detect when a power-hungry appliance is trying to start and automatically throttles the power consumed by the appliance. By spreading the same energy over a fraction of a second, the appliance can start safely and reliably, every time. Visit store to check out our products.

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