Enphase recognizes that installers often use service calls as fill work between installation jobs. To make it easier for installers to schedule service work, Enphase is rolling out an RMA seed stock inventory program to qualifying businesses. 

The Enphase Seed Stock Program

Enphase will ship you approximately a quarter’s worth of RMA inventory as a seed stock based on your provided estimations and historical data. As you enter standard RMAs, Enphase consolidates and sends units to replenish your on-hand supply (we estimate re-shipping when you are 2/3 through your seed stock).

Benefits of the program

  • Product continually on-hand for RMAs. You do not have to wait for product to ship to complete a service call.
  • Less manpower needed to receive products as shipments are full box quantity or palletized.
  • Less packaging material to discard or recycle.
  • Reduces truck rolls when used in conjunction with Service On-the-Go functionality that enables you to request and get approval to do an RMA in the same visit.

How to get started

  1. Email the below information to Enphase Seed Stock (cs-bulk@enphaseenergy.com):
    • A list of offices you conduct your RMA work through. 
    • An estimate per office on what inventory you would like to have on hand (Enphase can make recommendations based on past RMAs) 

  2. You will then be provided a 1-page agreement to sign that stipulates seed stock use is for RMAs only and will be used within 6-months of receipt. Enphase will pay for return shipment of inventory not used within 6-months.