Enphase training is coming to a city near you!

We’re excited to bring solar and storage to the world. The first step… training our installers. We’re not talking about your typical training – we’re aiming to provide the best training in the industry, to every installer in the country. That’s why we’re launching mobile and permanent training facilities over the next few months. Each training facility will feature a fully operational Enphase storage system with Ensemble™ energy management technology where solar professionals can get firsthand installation experience.

 Training goes way beyond plugging things in. With our storage training, you’ll have the opportunity to look under the hood to see how everything is connected. But that’s not all. Each installation is specially designed to provide installers with the ability to completely and easily deconstruct system wiring and then rewire it to get hands-on installation experience without ever stepping foot on a jobsite. And remember, we're asking that only certified installers commission a system with storage.

Here’s a list of the upcoming training facilities. Sign up for training today to be the first to get trained in these new cutting-edge facilities. https://go.enphase.com/training-registration



Fremont, CA


San Diego, CA

CED Greentech

Riverside, CA

CED Greentech

Orange County, CA


Sacramento, CA


Boise, ID


Austin, TX


Sarasota, FL

CED Greentech

Oahu, HI

Inter-Island Solar Supply

Long Island, NY

CED Greentech

Boston, MA