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Manual provisioning in Array builder

Sometimes the challenges that you face in the field are the least expected. The simplest of tasks of assigning microinverters to an array could turn out to be a hassle if you are not at the site. It could be a faulty camera on your phone, or the bar code on the microinverter is damaged or worst of all, your installation map got misplaced. We heard your concern and have added a feature in the array builder where you can now just type in the serial number of the microinverter to add it to the array and provision it to the Envoy. In times like these, this feature allows you to provision microinverters for your customers remotely from the safety of your home or office with just the serial number of the microinverter. 

Adding information to Service Manager cases

We at Enphase believe that communication of information is key when partners engage with us. As part of this endeavor, we have added an option in Service Manager for you to add notes when requesting an RMA. Feel free to use this feature to add notes if you believe that would help better analyze your RMA requests. We hope you find this feature useful and make the most of it.



Reduced Enlighten Notifications

Many of you must have been contacted by your customers due to notifications from Enlighten, later to realize there was nothing wrong with their systems. The Enlighten team has done detailed research on these notifications and tweaked them to improve the customer experience for our system owners. We believe this should help reduce the number of customers calling you.

Service-on-the-go Winner!

It’s that time of the month again. The time for prizes, winners, and surprises. From the beginning of 2020, we had announced a contest, where you stood a chance to win an Amazon Gift voucher worth $500 if you used the Service-on-the-go feature to request an RMA. It’s time to announce our winner for the Month of March 2020.

And the winner is… Mura Tholen from RevoluSun LLC. Congratulations Mura! Keep up the great work. 

Service on the go is the easiest way to retire and replace inverters and AC batteries from a site. Service-on-the-go is designed specifically to reduce the downtime spent in replacing devices in a system. This is particularly useful when decommissioning entire systems or when there are major repairs to multiple components in a system. Click here to learn all about how to request for an RMA using Service-on-the-Go and retiring & replace the microinverters.