Happy Holidays from the Enphase service team!

Details on our holiday coverage can be found in this section. We have also made improvements to service-on-the-go and the labor reimbursement process to make it easier for our customers to use these features.

Holiday Coverage

With the holidays approaching, the service team at Enphase has ensured our installers partners are covered. Enphase will be working over the holiday period except on 24th & 25th December and 1st January.

Round the clock Service-on-the-Go

By now you would be aware that SoTG is the quickest way to submit an RMA request with Enphase. It is now also the quickest way to get them approved! With our constantly evolving RMA auto-approval system, combined with our highly skilled worldwide technical support team, we ensure your RMA requests are attended to within minutes.

Better Replacement Reimbursement

We received feedback from some of you about the long turnaround times for labor reimbursement. We have identified gaps and have taken steps to streamline the payment process. One of the many changes you will notice is a new region-specific Installer registration form to ensure all data is collected the first time a labor reimbursement is submitted.