Here’s how to apply for SGIP

Application requirements

  • Reservation Request Form (RRF) filled out online at
  • Rebate Reservation Fee
    • 5% Reservation Fee is due upfront but only becomes non-refundable once conditional reservation is issued.
  • Proof of Utility Service
    • All applications must include a copy of a recent electric utility bill indicating the account number, meter number, Site address, and Host Customer name.
      • SDG&E + SoCalGas applications must include previous 12-months of electric bills.
    • PG&E + SoCalGas customers must also submit recent gas bill.
  • Authorization to Receive Customer Information form: SDG&E applicants only

Self-generation incentive program online application database:


Incentive calculation

Incentive – Energy Capacity (Wh) x Incentive

Pro Tips

  • Pre-register as Developer before the application opening date.
  • Use electronic signatures on contracts (accepted by all PA’s except for SoCal Gas)
    • Helps expedite signing and re-signing if application is deferred to later incentive step
  • Scan image of check application fee and submit along with rebate reservation application
    • Mail check within 7 days of project being assigned to a given step
  • Use Energy Storage kW calculation worksheet and upload along with application (not required but recommended)

Learn more about the Enphase Storage System here.