Introducing the Enphase Marketing Hub

The hub is your one-stop location for Enphase videos, sales tools, collateral, logos and more.


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Materials for installers

You'll find the content you use the most in the following folders in the Enphase Marketing Hub. Log in to use the following links. Double-click a folder in the Marketing Hub to open it.

  • The Sales Tools folder includes:
    • Products - Includes subfolders with everything you need to learn more about Enphase products including data sheets and components lists.
    • Selling to Homeowners – Access brochures and 'kitchen table' collateral to get homeowners excited about their Enphase Home Energy Solution.
  • Download Enphase Logos. View the Enphase logo usage guidelines.
  • Videos - Let our videos help you tell the Enphase story. Download them in advance so you'll have a copy on your laptop/tablet ready to play if there is no Internet connection.
  • Product Images - for emails, collateral or your website.
  • Use our new Co-Brandable Collateral templates to add your logo and message to materials promoting the Enphase Home Energy Solution to homeowners. (View the instructions.)

Additional materials for authorized Enphase distributors


In addition to the installer materials referenced above, distributors also get additional materials to help market to installers.

  • Selling to Installers– Want to get your team ramped up and excited to sell Enphase? Get collateral for sales reps and installers from this folder.

Looking for technical support content?

You want our support site instead of the Marketing Hub... Check out


The content you can access is specifically for our US market.