IQTM 7A: You have beaten our quarterly forecast in the very first month!

Just a couple of weeks after it was released to the market, the IQTM 7A, with its peak power rating of 366 VA (Volt-Ampere) and CEC efficiency of 97%, has received an overwhelming response from solar industry stakeholders as well as sector observers, growing faster than the popular IQ7X model.

It is the best option available for residential applications with module rating greater than 370W and can pair with all commercially available 60-cell and 72-cell solar modules, including bifacial modules, depending upon the module compatibility.

We've received positive reactions from our installers and heard them say it pairs beautifully with high-powered premium modules. A single customer has ordered well over a thousand units since we have opened up for order entry. You can be next!.

So, clearly, the buzz is back with IQ 7A.

If you haven’t placed your order yet, now is the time. Just reach out to your nearest Enphase Authorized distributor.

You can read more about IQ 7A on our blog here.