Listening to our installation partners

Flexibility has always been one of our key strengths and this month has been all about innovations to surpass our customers’ expectations. Before we leap into the next decade, we wanted to set a few things right about our customers’ experience with Enphase.


Reconnecting your Envoy is easier than ever before

The Envoy disconnecting from the internet could be the simplest of problems your customers could be faced with, but the time you spent on getting them back online is time you could be spending on a zillion other things for your business. In the latest iteration of the Enphase Enlighten App, we have included a feature to allow homeowners to get their Envoys back online in no time. 

The feature would be pro-actively presented to the user in an instance of an Envoy going offline and all the homeowner have to do is, follow the sequence of steps mentioned in the app itself and get their Envoys back up and running. This should significantly reduce your incoming calls regarding customers with offline Envoys. Click here to read more on how to reconnect Envoy to the wi-fi network using Enlighten app.


Faster labor reimbursement

We heard that a few of you faced delays in getting your labor reimbursement requests processed. Our analysis shows that the majority of the invoices get stuck because faulty microinverters were not returned to us. To improve our service, we have implemented a policy to process payments for the first three invoices without waiting for faulty microinverters to be returned to us. We still expect our partners to ship back faulty microinverters to make sure future invoices don’t go on hold. Shipping is paid by Enphase and all you need to do is generate your return labels here using the approved RMA number. Another common problem we have seen is the incorrect billing address in the invoices. Please validate your billing address is correct when submitting the request through Enlighten Manager. If you need to change your billing address, make sure you provide us with the required documentation (W9 and IRF) along with your labor reimbursement submission.

Our commitment is to pay-out your labor reimbursements within 15 business days. If you have any questions regarding the current process for submitting a labor reimbursement request, you can always refer here for more details.


Network Prioritization in Envoy Software

We have received questions from many of you about how the Envoy prioritizes Enlighten connectivity between the Enphase cellular solution (Mobile Connect) and a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. This article talks about how the system currently operates and our planned enhancements.

Today, the Envoy’s embedded software always prioritizes a cellular connection over Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet once a cellular modem is connected to the Envoy. If the cellular modem is connected, the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection will be ignored even if the cellular connection does not work. The Envoy defaults to a low bandwidth mode once the cellular modem is connected.

In the June 2020 release, the Envoy’s embedded software will include a feature called ‘Network Prioritization’. This feature re-prioritizes Ethernet over Wi-Fi and prioritizes Wi-Fi over a cellular connection. It regularly monitors available connections to determine which connection should be used, depending on availability. In addition, the Envoy’s embedded software will dynamically switch between low and high bandwidth modes. This means when a cellular connection is active, Envoy will use low bandwidth mode and when a Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection is active, the Envoy will use high bandwidth mode. In June 2020 Enlighten mobile will also be enhanced to enable homeowners to configure their Envoys with Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords over a cellular connection. This will enable homeowners with Envoys connected via a cellular modem to take advantage of the Network Prioritization feature by ensuring the Envoy is connected to the Wi-Fi network.