More power to your customers


    A growing community made for you

    The Enphase community is thriving and ever-expanding. With over 12K weekly users, 4K registered users, and 600+ questions, it has become the new epicenter for conversations around Enphase products and support. With each passing month and these growing numbers, we are also adding new and innovative ways for our customers to connect with other users of the community. And this month we have something special just for you, Enphase installer badges! We now identify you on the community with your Enphase Installer Network Tier. Be it Platinum, Gold, or Silver; the community members can now see your tiers right against your names. Join the community and flaunt your badges!


    Envoy back-fill issue – now explained in Enlighten!

    We received a few complaints from customers about not understanding the process of historical data not updating on Enlighten when their Envoys were connected back to the internet after an extended time. In typical Enphase fashion, our technical team added a feature that shows our customers that the Envoy is uploading data to Enlighten. This notification ensures the customers have a clear understanding of why the data they see on the Enlighten app is taking time to sync. We hope this fix should reduce the number of service calls you receive.



    New Enlighten app video 

    Educating your customer on their solar investment is key to keeping your customers happy. And we think we have made that task a tad bit easier for you. Our product team has put together a video that walks you through each of the Enlighten app's features. This brief and informative video can be the one-stop-shop for your customers to learn all they need to keep an eye on their Enphase system.

    You can check out the video at the link below. 

    We urge you to share this video with all your customers so that they can eke the most out of their Enphase systems.


    Envoy replacement using Enlighten Manager

    In addition to having the feature to replace an Envoy from the Installer Toolkit app (ITK app), we now have it in Enlighten Manager as well.


    It will allow you to remotely replace an envoy from your office without visiting your customers' site. We feel this should help you improve your operational efficiency and significantly speed up your install speeds.

    You can read more about this feature here.

    Envoy connectivity videos

    As part of our endeavor to make doing business with Enphase easier, we are making a series of videos with easy to follow instructions on how to get your envoys back online. Last month the below videos were produced.

    The next video in our Envoy offline series is out, and this time it's for getting your Envoy S or IQ Envoy back online via manual Wi-Fi setup.

    Since most times a customer calling you is to get their Envoys back online, we feel these videos can help your customers quickly reconnect their Envoys without you having to send your technician onsite.

    We plan to make more such videos in the coming months to ensure we have the right video for all your customers. We hope you find these videos useful and will help you elevate your customers' experience using Enphase.