Palomar Solar + Enphase

As an Enphase Premium Installer partner, Palomar Solar delivers the best solar technology for customers and reporting detail unmatched by other solar providers


Palomar Solar is proud to use Enphase Energy - the smarter choice in solar

“Switching primarily to Enphase over six years ago was one of the best business decisions we have made. Being able to share per solar panel monitoring on over 600 systems with potential clients is invaluable.”
– Adam Rizzo, Co Founder of Palomar Solar

Each safe, low voltage microinverter connects to a single panel, so unlike other types of inverters, if there are clouds or a dirty, shaded or problem panel, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly. This technology delivers the most reliable, high-performing solar system to provide the best return on your investment.

Palomar Solar has installed and monitors more than 600 Enphase systems, earning the elite status of Enphase Premium Installer. Our partnership and experience with Enphase means that you have a reliable system that is expertly designed and installed for your house, with a higher level of service after the sale. Visit to learn more.

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With Palomar and Enphase you get tremendous insight

You can learn how much power your system is producing at any time, from your phone or computer. This real-time data lets you know how your system performs day-to-day, even with weather changes, or if there's a problem with your system.

  • See the production and individual performance of each panel and microinverter
  • See technical data from your solar panels, microinverters and the grid
  • View 7 day playbacks of power output
  • Create custom reports of your usage

Two-way communications save time and hassle

The data your Enphase system collects isn't just great for you. It enables us to provide a better level of service for you.

  • We can monitor your system as well
  • Support technicians can use data collected to remotely diagnose issues
  • Many times, we can even resolve issues without going back onto your roof
  • Updates and fixes can be pushed directly to your system automatically — no appointment or home visit necessary

You have a beautiful house - keep it that way

A central inverter system, i.e. Solar Edge, etc., requires large pieces of equipment to be mounted on the outside of your beautiful home, or it takes up valuable space in your garage. On the contrary, an Enphase system with Palomar Solar only requires a single piece of conduit to run from your main electrical panel to your roof. Often times this can be done within the home. If it is mounted on the exterior Palomar Solar will paint it to match your home.

Every part of the Enphase system that Palomar Solar delivers is designed to have minimal impact on your home. Wiring and equipment stay out of sight, and our low voltage design boosts safety.

  • Enphase® Microinverters are mounted out of the way and out of sight, underneath the solar panels
  • Microinverters are quiet
  • Electrical connections can typically be made inside the garage, at or near the circuit breaker panel

String inverter systems in contrast

  • Require multiple, large, ugly boxes mounted to the outside of your house
  • Are noisy, emitting a buzzing sound
  • Require more visible wiring all along the sytem
  • Can be dangerous for curious children should they remove the outside covering, as it is high voltage DC power