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Product Focus: Panasonic AC Module

Did you know that AC modules (ACM) undergo rigorous performance and reliability testing before being launched? It’s true. AC module combinations offer a lot more than factory assembly and testing – they offer a promise of better performance, reliability, customer support and in case of the Panasonic ACM, the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

Comprehensive Triple Guard Warranty

Panasonic’s industry-leading 25-year warranty covers parts, performance and labor on all AC modules, in addition to the 25-year microinverter warranty provided by Enphase. Labor is also covered for qualified installers. Available exclusively to Panasonic Authorized and Premium installers, this new benefit is one more addition to the suite of value-added tools and warranty offerings available to partners who meet Panasonic’s high standard of excellence. 

Panasonic AC Modules are serviced through a single call for issues relating to both the module and microinverter, giving installers the best available customer support for the product combination. In simple words: “comprehensive warranty”.

We heard you! Improvements are coming.

Initial installer feedback on the Panasonic ACM pointed out the difficulty in installing them in the landscape orientation with rail-based racking systems, especially on tiled roofs.

Owing to the microinverter position, only 150mm (6”) was available for the placement of the rail from the long-side of the module for landscape installations. A product change currently going into production will move the microinverter further inward, adding 65mm (2.5”) to provide 8.5” of space for placement of rails in the landscape mode. With this change, Panasonic ACM will offer 8.5” wide rail placement width, giving installers greater flexibility to choose rail position.

PNA2 (003)

PNA1 (003)

If you have been putting off a landscape install due to this issue, your wait is almost over – Panasonic ACMs with better rail tolerances are coming soon. This change went into effect November 1, 2019, and you can expect to see the new Panasonic ACM in distribution over the next few weeks.

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