Reconnecting Envoy to the Wi-Fi network using Enlighten App

In response to feedback from the September SPI round table, we're providing this handy self-help feature.

In our January 1st Enlighten mobile app release, we launched a convenient feature for our homeowner, “Reconnecting Envoy to the Wi-Fi network.” The feature allows homeowners to connect Envoy to their Wi-Fi network when it gets disconnected. Homeowners can do this by themselves using their Enlighten mobile app. The feature eliminates the dependency on the Installer or Enphase support team for Envoy connectivity issues. 

How this feature works:
Once logged in to their Enlighten mobile app, by following the steps mentioned below, the homeowner can get their Envoy back online:


Step 1: Press AP mode button:
Briefly press and release (do not hold) the Envoy menu button below the phone icon. This will enable AP Mode on your Envoy which creates a wireless network you can join with your phone.

Step 2: Turn off mobile data
Turn off the mobile data (cellular data) from your mobile device settings. Go to Settings > Mobile Data and switch it off.

Step 3: Join Envoy‘s network
Join the Envoy’s network using your phone Wi-Fi settings. Envoy_029655 is the name of the mini-network you will join where ‘029655’ are the last six digits of your Envoy’s serial number.

Step 4: Connect Envoy to home Wi-Fi
Tap the configure Home Wi-Fi button, select  your home network and enter the Wi-Fi password.

Feature Limitation:
In order to utilize this self-service feature, homeowners must have Envoy S and IQ  and be connected to Enlighten via Wi-Fi network.