Retiring Multiple Devices in Enlighten Manager

We’ve made retiring multiple devices in an installed system easier than ever before! This feature is an enhancement we have recently made to the set of services under Service-on-the-Go.

You can find this feature in the Enlighten Manager app. The primary intent is to reduce the downtime spent in performing the simple task of replacing multiple devices in a system. This is particularly useful when decommissioning entire systems or when there are major repairs to multiple components in a system.

Step 1: To perform a multi-device retirement, navigate to the Enlighten Manager app from your desktop browser.


Step 2: Login using your service manager login.


Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Systems’ tab. From the list of systems select the system where ‘multi-device retire’ needs to be performed.


Step 4: Click on the Settings tab (gear icon), seen here top right of the screen.


Step 5: Scroll down to the ‘Self Service’ section and click on ‘Install Replacement’.

MDR copy

Step 6: To replace a device, enter ‘device number’ in the first cell of each row followed by the ‘device number’ of the new device in the second cell.

To add more devices, just click on ‘Replace another device’ and more rows will get added to the end of the list. To remove a device, click on the ‘X’ mark to the right of each row.

Once done, click on ‘Submit’ to execute the replacement process.


All done! Simple as that.

We’d love to know what you think about this feature and if we can do anything else to make Enlighten better. Do write to us with your feedback to