Ensuring robust Internet connectivity for EnsembleTM


The Enphase Encharge™ Storage System is now in the market! Hundreds of installations have already been completed, with hundreds more scheduled for 2020. With your hard work, we should be able to serve thousands in 2021.


We appreciate the overwhelming support of our installers and continue to work hand-in-hand with you to earn the business of homeowners around the country.


We would like to take this opportunity to highlight that being Always Connected with a robust internet connection is a requirement to enable current and future features of the Ensemble solution. Furthermore, this connection is bandwidth-intensive and leads to considerable usage of data to enable the feature set that makes the Enphase Encharge Storage System so reliable.


Homeowner facing features that depend on robust internet connectivity include:

  • Storm Guard – This feature automatically switches the homeowner’s Battery Smart Profile to Full Backup Mode when severe weather conditions threaten their area. This ensures a homeowner has 100% of their battery available for backup if the grid goes out during a storm.
  • Live Status – This feature allows homeowners to look at real-time data from their Ensemble systems. This data includes battery charge, power produced, and grid connectivity status.

In addition to these features, robust internet connectivity will enable Enphase to deliver software and firmware upgrades for new functionality in the future. On the maintenance side, the connectivity allows for security updates and reduces truck rolls and allows Enphase customer support to diagnose and fix issues remotely.

Similarly, the best customer experience is achieved when homeowners can track and monitor their energy consumption. Therefore, in addition to Wi-Fi, a cellular backup connection and consumption monitoring are both necessary.

This connectivity consumes significantly higher data over cellular due to the larger number of devices as well as real-time data monitoring features. The result is a price for both the bundled and individual products that are higher to account for the increased cost of the data plan.

To ensure every Ensemble Site is Always Connected, Enphase is taking the following steps:

  • The Envoy gateway should be connected to the internet via a broadband internet connection using the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Configuring Wi-Fi or ethernet as the primary means of internet connectivity ensures that the homeowner gets the best experience from the Ensemble system.
  • A cellular modem is needed to ensure a back-up mechanism for internet connectivity.
  • To simplify this process, we are providing a single SKU. The COMMS-CELLMODEM-M1 includes the communications kit for Envoy interaction with Encharge and Enpower and a CELLMODEM-M1. As a result of installer feedback, we are also including a 5-year data plan for a system with microinverters, Encharge 3 batteries, and Enpower.
  • For sites that already have an Enphase cellular modem, we will continue to sell the COMMS-KIT-01 with the addition of the 5-year data plan outlined above.
  • We are upgrading our AC Combiner Boxes with the addition of split-core current transformers and a two-year labor warranty to deliver consumption monitoring as a standard feature. Please see the product update notices for Combiner 3 and Combiner 3C for more details.