Seed stock program and M Series RMA update


The Enphase service organization is constantly engaged to improve customer experience. Over the past one year we have introduced new applications such as Service Manager, Service-on-the-Go and added online Chat as a new tech support channel. Our installer partners are encouraged to make full use of these added features. A brief update on the seed stock program and M-Series RMAs is discussed in the following sections.

Enphase Seed Stock Program:

  • The seed stock program allows Enphase to stock RMA units at our installer partners so there is no delay in servicing homeowner sites.
  • Due to the unprecedented demand for our products we were unable to build buffer stock and had to delay its launch.
  • We are in the process of building additional units and expect to start shipping products under the seed stock program in late August.
  • If you have any questions then you can always reach out to us through our email, chat and phone support channels.

Update on M200 RMAs:

  • We encountered a shortage on M200 RMAs which caused problems for our customers.
  • I am happy to announce that the M200 shortages are solved and all RMA orders have been shipped.
  • Going forward no shortages are anticipated

Update on M215/M190/M210 RMAs:

  • We are experiencing temporary shortages on the M215/M190/M210 SKUs.
  • Our factory has been working on a recovery plan and we expect to ship all RMA orders within 2 weeks.