Enphase has the South Australian solar network covered. 

South Australia’s remote connect/disconnect inverter requirement came into force on Monday, 28 September 2020.
Enphase, in collaboration with our integration technology partner GreenSync, has SA installers and homeowners covered with an all-in-one, cost and subscription free solution that meets all the requirements.
Not only are we fully approved, but we also remain one of the few inverter manufacturers that have submitted test reports as evidence.

With Enphase it couldn’t be easier to comply with the new regulations:

  1. For all Enphase systems installed from 28 September in SA, simply select Enphase as the homeowner agent in the Small Embedded Generation (SEG) form.
  2. With Enphase, there are NO additional costs or subscriptions to be paid by SA installers or homeowners.
  3. Installer customers’ consent will be acquired via the Enlighten app when they accept the terms and conditions during signup.
  4. For existing customers, installers can register consent on their behalf. The deadline is 28 September, but no disconnection will occur until 31 December 2020.

Overview of Enphase compliance with the proposed South Australia rule changes:

1. Low voltage ride through (28 Sep 2020)
Enphase IQ 7™️ series inverter comply with the requirements. 

2. Remote connect/disconnect (28 Sep 2020 - 31 Dec 2020)
Enphase has remote connection/disconnection capability and DRM0 using the Envoy-S (metered and non-metered).

3. Dynamic export limiting (28 Sep 2020 - 1 July 2021)
All Enphase systems installed with an Envoy-S metered, and enabled production and consumption monitoring, are capable of dynamic export limiting.

4. Smart meter minimum standard (28 Sep 2020)
Enphase systems installed with an Envoy-S metered are exempt from this requirement as Enphase systems can be controlled remotely.