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The Enphase Community

Enphase is not just its employees but the collective of all who want to bring about a disruptive change to the way we generate and use energy. With a unified goal of advancing a sustainable future for all, we must have a place where we can meet with like-minded people from around the world to find answers to those questions nobody else is asking. The Enphase Community strives to be where clashing beliefs and conflicting opinions can churn to give birth to the next big thing.


With a daily view rate of 2000+ members in less than a month of launch, we are sure you will find answers to all your questions in the Enphase Community in no time. Additionally, with our top product experts always active and online on the community, you can connect directly with the who-is-who at Enphase.


The Enphase Community is a platform built from the ground-up for you. We urge you to join it, explore it and share your feedback and suggestions at on how we can make it better for you.



Envoy Connectivity Videos

Most times, a customer calls you to get their Envoys back online. This is a job that should not require you to send one of your technicians to the customers' site. As part of our endeavor to make doing business with Enphase easier, we have made a couple of easy to follow instructional videos to help your customers get their envoys back online.


Reconnect your IQ Envoy or Envoy S to a Wi-Fi network using the Enphase Enlighten App

Reconnect your LCD Envoy via Manual Wi-Fi setup


We plan to make more such videos in the coming months to ensure we have the right tutorials for all your customers. We hope you find these videos useful and will help you elevate your customers' experience using Enphase.