Enphase Supply Situation

As we enter the 4th quarter, Enphase’s commitment to improving the supply chain is starting to deliver results for our customers. Through our efforts to increase capacity and resolve component shortages, the product availability in our channels is at our desired target levels which have translated into meeting our customer requirements when you need the product. Put differently, our distribution channel is stocked such that installers can receive the product within a couple of weeks of order. As we continue through closing out 2019 and looking forward to another strong year ahead, we expect the supply chain to deliver on time and continue to service all your needs. If you are experiencing any product shortage please contact your local Enphase sales representative and we will get your product needs serviced.

Our Guadalajara manufacturing site has just completed its second quarter in production and a first full quarter of producing IQ 7 inverters. We are now transitioning from a single line to multiple lines to further expand the capacity. We expect to announce further updates on performance and levels in our Q3 earnings release later this month.

You asked for legacy inverter support for expansion and replacement and we are working on providing a solution. Your legacy M Series needs will be serviced through a new IQ7 based product which will work with your legacy systems. Stay tuned for future updates on timing and availability through the new Enphase online store release in an upcoming newsletter.

                                                              Updated on October 14, 2019