How our top installers got started with Ensemble!

Cutler Bay is a family-owned company based in South Florida that specializes in customized solar energy solutions. With seven years of experience in the solar industry and a passion for great customer service, Cutler Bay appreciates the importance of safety, power and reliability. That’s why they’ve been so proactive in bringing Enphase solar+storage to their customers.

When we asked Cutler Bay about their success in closing more than 1,000 kWh of pre-orders, they told us it was fairly simple. First, they targeted existing customers with IQ™ 6 or IQ 7™ based systems, since those microinverters are storage ready. Customers love to know their existing technology is compatible with the latest storage solution available.

 Next, Cutler Bay simply explained how Enphase storage provides safe and reliable backup power during a grid outage. South Florida is no stranger to severe weather, so Cutler Bay customers don’t need much reminding of the risk. They just needed the education that an all-in-one solution, capable of whole home backup, is now available.

 We hope you find these pointers from Cutler Bay helpful. Let us know how it goes when you talk to your existing IQ 6 and IQ 7 customers about Enphase storage. If you need anything to support your sales and marketing efforts, be sure to talk to your Enphase account manager.