Customer Service: We Listen!

 With your feedback as our guiding light, we have been working tirelessly to improving your experience with Enphase. Improvements include a brand-new Enphase Store, an improved RMA approval system and so much more.

The Enphase store is up

Finding legacy products is hard! Introducing an e-commerce experience designed to allow you to replace individual components quickly and without volume purchase requirements. With no restrictions on order quantities, real-time tracking, multiple shipping options and unmatched warranties, go solar shopping to your heart's content. With guaranteed shipping to anywhere in the US, we urge you to explore our ever-growing and diverse selection of legacy products at the Enphase Store.


Service-on-the-Go at your fingertips

Service-on-the-Go is now literally just a few clicks away! Service on the go is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all your RMA needs and now we have made it easier for you to get to. You can now access Service-on-the-go right from the Enlighten Manager home page.


An improved Service-on-the-Go and Service Manager

We took a step back and did a dipstick of our RMA approval process. We re-imaged how the auto-approvals algorithm can be further improved so your customers are not kept waiting. With our new approach, we have seen a remarkable improvement in the approval speed in comparison to just a few months ago. We are constantly learning from your feedback and the RMA auto-approval system is being constantly tweaked. 

An ever-growing knowledge base 

From your feedback, we discovered how few of your customers were struggling to find actionable literature on our website for getting their Envoys in Combiner Boxes back online. We have included an FAQ specifically relevant to this scenario. We believe this should help you cut down on instances for a truck roll just to get an Envoy back online.